Delectable Dip Mixes

Delectable Spice Mixes

Our hand – crafted spice mixes can be used in many different recipes.

About 10 to 12 Cups per package
or several Cheese Balls (Recipe included)

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It takes the thinking out of what spices to use. Let your imagination be your guide!



Our hand – crafted spice mixes can be used in many different recipes.

Here are a few ideas you might like to try.


Try all the spices as a DIP including Bruschetta.
1 cup sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise
2-3 TBSP of any delectable dip mix
1 Tsp lemon juice
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours for best results.

Any of the mixes can be used in stews or soups – just add 1 tbsp per liter of liquid.

Cheese Balls

 8 oz. Cream Cheese (290ml) Mix until blended. Chill 2 hours – shape
¾ cup Cheddar Cheese (190ml) and roll in finely chopped chives or
2 tbsp dip Mix (30) walnuts or pecans
½ tsp lemon juice
½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
Warm the cheeseball (your favorite flavor) in the oven, and serve as a HOT DIP! (Just like the
Put the cheese ball mixture into a shallow ovenproof dish at 350 degrees until heated through. Approx. 10 minutes. Serve with nacho chips or crackers.

Use it for a pasta sauce!

While melting the butter, add 1 tbsp of dip mixture. Continue making the white sauce. When ready, pour over cooked pasta and VOILA! You have Perfect Pasta. As a bonus add seafood or your favorite meat or “a la dent” veggies!!
-For a great Tomato Sauce try the following:
1 Tbsp Butter (15ml). 1 cup stewed Tomatoes (250ml)
1 ½ Tbsp Dip Mix 2 tsp flour (10ml)
Prepare butter, dip mix, tomatoes, flour. Simmer for 15 min.

Some other great uses are:

– Add 2-3 TBSP of delectable mix to 1/8 cup of water for approx. 10 minutes to hydrate the spices if you are eating right away, Results are best if refrigerated for 2 hours and hydrated naturally.
– Blend some of your favorite mix with butter for a great French Bread – just add some Parmesan
Cheese or Shredded Cheddar for Cheese for Cheese Toast.
– If you like roast, take a frozen Roast and put it in a slow cooker, apply barbecue sauce on top and
use your favorite Dip Mix on top but don’t skimp. Suggestions, Garlic & Chives, French Onion, Heritage Ranch and A Touch of Curry are all great.
– Try to add some to potato salads, egg and tuna sandwiches for a herbed difference. Add 1 to 2 tsp. Dip Mix. Depending on preference.
– Use any of the dip mixes to season Chicken, Beef, or Fish dishes.
– Beef – Makes delectable meatballs – use 1 to 1 ½ tbsp per pound, especially great in meatloaf.
– Fish – Mix a batch of dill Dip-alicious with a yogurt base for a great tartar sauce with a new twist.
– Beef, Chicken or Fish – Add Mexican Ole for a twist on taco night.
– Rice dishes with a zing, calls for about 1 tbsp of mix to be added in the rice water. Once rice is done add 1 – tbsp of butter or equivalent. (The Curry or Mexican Ole add some excitement!)
– Garlic & Chives dip makes a great topping for baked potatoes or Perogies. Another excellent use for Garlic & Chives – thin down dip mix with milk and use a creamy garlic dressing for Caesar Salad. Just add parmesan Cheese to taste.
– Any dip should keep 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator (Check your date on the sour cream). Use as a dip or reduce with milk to make a creamy salad dressing.
– For super Scalloped Potatoes just sprinkle in 1-2 tbsp of any mix while layering the potatoes and onions. Try the dip mix with sour cream or yogurt for topping on mashed potatoes.
– Try Garlic & Chives with stir fried vegetables. It takes the thinking out of what spices to use.

Just let your imagination be your guide on many new ideas you can try.

Each of our products is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you get only the best possible flavor and quality. Try them today and experience the difference for yourself!